Luigi Borrelli is an Italian men’s clothing brand originating from Naples. It was here that Luigi Borrelli founded the company in 1957.

Earlier, he learned tailoring from his mother Anna Borrelli, who ran her own factory specializing in tailoring men’s clothes.
Many years of family tailoring tradition, the best fabrics and attention to every detail have made Borelli shirts an object of desire among the Italian elite of that time. In the 70s, the company started producing outerwear, jeans, t-shirts and accessories to offer men who respect tradition and elegance an outfit for every occasion.

Neapolitan tradition is becoming an ocean pass and the base for international expansion. Since the beginning of the brand’s existence, all products are hand-made in Italy, so they are considered the greatest expression of Neapolitan tailoring and perfection. Currently, the “made in Italy” style is still gaining new amateurs, and experienced men’s fashion connoisseurs will find something for themselves in every Luigi Borelli collection.