Loro Piana

the story of this famous brand starts at the beginning of the 19th century and the tradition of Italian traders selling wool in the northern part of Italy. Bearing in mind the rich legacy, this family company has evolved over generations, changing its profile. After the war, it had become the top wool and cashmere provider and by the end of the 20th century it launched own production of luxurious goods under its own logo.


The brand is widely known for its luxurious line of custom-made suits. Its full collections are also available in dozens of official boutiques worldwide. Brioni designs, develops and creates Su Misura clothing lines as well as leather goods, shoes, glasses and perfumes.


The innovations which enable esthetic perfection, the constant renewal of style with attention to detail and the highest quality fabrics are the principals of Canali tailoring


Santoni brand stems from a small, family workshop established in Italy in 1975. It is renowned for the perfect combination of traditional production techniques, the ability to create custom-made shoes and modern shape.

Emanuele Maffeis

Established in Bergamo in 1958 by Emanuela Maffeisa, specializes in
designing and sawing the best quality shirts. A huge textile legacy, multi-generational knowledge and experience resulted in creating the highest quality shirts for men, using premium fabrics, such as Egyptian cotton, Irish cashmere or Italian silk.

Doriani cashmere

This luxurious Italian brand was established at the beginning of the 30s. It had been launched onto the market as a manufacturer of high quality thongs and belts. The change of needs among the Italians caused a shift for the company which added outerwear and innovative raincoats to their offer. Currently, the brand specializes in high quality cashmere knitwear, making it elegant and chic.


Kiton – an Italian fashion house established in Naples in 1969 by Ciro Paone. Using the rich tradition and wide experience of Italian tailors as well as the best fabrics of natural fibres, he started a new era of high quality tailoring, Currently, Kiton is still a vast studio, not a big scale factory.

Jacob Cohen

the Jacob Cohën brand was created in 1985 and immediately established its position as luxurious jeans manufacturer.
The unique features are the brand’s biggest assets; on one hand comfort and high quality fabrics, on the other hand exclusivity and elegance. The vision of Jacob Cohen’s clothing is to create jeans, suitable for the most formal occasions, which would fit perfectly and can also be worn with a jacket. The brand’s jeans have made their mark using luxurious fabrics and having precious details which have always been their signature mark. The collection is available in 450 boutiques in Italy and in 1500 points worldwide


The synthesis of history, experience and emotions, which helped to transform simple thoughts into ideas and ideas into a ready product, has been the path chosen for years.