PT Torino focuses on making trousers that are purely and simply luxurious on the inside and out.

By combining authentic innovation, disrupting creativity and extensive know-how, throughout 50 years of history we managed to make this dedication our signature. The vibrant atmosphere and outstanding creative fervor of this era are the background for the birth of PT, founded in Turin by Mr. Pierangelo Fassino. A far-sighted entrepreneur, Pierangelo turned his thriving family business from a fabric wholesaler into a successful trouser specialist selling 80,000 pairs every season.

The company kept growing throughout the 1970s and 1980s, and in the 1990s the time was ripe to spark a new stage in its development. As soon as he joined the business, Mr. Edoardo Fassino, Pierangelo’s son, set out launch the company’s own high-end international trouser label: PT Torino. With an offer ranging from superb men’s trousers to luxury denim, PT Torino soon extended to include glamorous women’s trouser and denim collections. Today, PT is a major player on the global fashion playground, with brands distributed in over 40 countries worldwide and five prestigious showrooms in Milan, Tokyo, Munich, New York and Turin.